Terms information and event registration services

You may register for and participate in the Event only in accordance with these Terms. To register for an Event, you must complete the event registration process and pay any applicable registration fees. Event registrations are subject to availability and may close early posted, at our sole discretion. We can also change the Event program if there are unexpected changes. Don't worry, we will update the event information for you and ensure your rights. You will always comply with the TAOStartup Startup Community Codes of Conduct.

I. Your information

1. By registering to participate in the event, you agree to receive information from TAOStartup about the Event and other related marketing information and special offers via email, post or other forms of communication. We process your information in accordance with TAOSTARTUP's Privacy Notice. You can choose not to receive information from TAOStartup at any time by not viewing or ignoring it.

2. We may provide your contact information to Event Sponsors if you choose to attend any sessions or other activities at the Event related to the Event Sponsor or you choose to receive communications from our event sponsors during the registration process or otherwise.

3.You authorize us, our affiliates and sponsors to record, video, photograph and record your voice and image in any media at Event. If you do not agree with TAOStartup using your personal images for use as media materials and posting on social networking platforms, you can contact and report back to us.

4. If registration fees or other fees are required for the event, cancellation instructions and the event's refund policy will be listed in the email sent to you. 

5. We may reschedule an event at any time for reasons such as the availability or suitability of the venue or speakers or on security, health or safety grounds, and we may Refuse, limit or cancel your event registration at any time. If so, we will try to support other fees during the event.

6. You have not violated any local or company ethics or sales rules and laws that restrict or prohibit participation or would result in a conflict of interest for TAOStartup.

7. You acknowledge and agree that your participation in the Event is voluntary, and you understand the nature of the Event. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you agree that you accept only the risks associated with attending and participating in the event.

II. Participant data privacy policy

I. Principles for protecting participant data

  • Transparency: Be clear and transparent about how we process personal data.
  • Legitimate data use purposes: We only use data for the specific purpose and will not use it for any other inappropriate purpose, unless we have complied with the permitted procedures under data protection laws to do this legally.
  • Data Retention: We appropriately store documents to demonstrate compliance with data privacy laws.
  • Participant rights: Respect data subjects' rights to their personal data in accordance with data protection legislation.

Participant data includes the following:

  • Personal data: Full name, address, email address, date of birth, place of birth, ID card/CCCD number, passport number and other information related to personal identity.
  • Relationship data: Marital status, information about family relationships (parents, children).
  • Professional data: Information about study or work history.
  • Behavioral data: Information about digital accounts.

2. Share participant data

TAOStartup may share participants' data with the following parties:

  • Organizations belonging to the TAOStarup community.
  • TAOStarup's business partners, service providers, advertisers, charities or non-profit organizations (including their workers, management and employees).
  • Domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies and competent authorities.

Data sharing will be done in accordance with the correct order, method and current legal regulations. Data receiving parties are obligated to keep participant data confidential in accordance with this Policy; current regulations, processes and legal regulations.

III. Security

1. Data security

  • Security is our top priority. TAOStartup always strives to ensure that participants' data is protected from unauthorized or accidental access, processing or deletion. We maintain this commitment to data security by applying physical, electronic and managerial measures to protect participant data.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that participant data is not misused for personal purposes and that TAOStartup will at all times comply with legal requirements relating to storage Participant data.

2. Commitment to Data Security

  • You and TAOStartup both play an important role in protecting data. You should take care to protect your data from harm by ensuring that you do not intentionally or unintentionally share or provide or facilitate unauthorized use of this information. . We strive to apply the highest safety standards to protect your interests.
  • You should protect your Personal Data by keeping this information confidential. If You discover that Your Personal Data has been disclosed to a third party, You are responsible for informing us immediately.